Accounting, Tax and Legal Reporting

General Accounting and Taxation

General Accounting and Taxation Manager Aylin Öner

General Accounting and Tax

General Accounting and Tax Team Leader Tuğba Akdoğan Kaya
Accounting Specialist Berrak Gülsever
Accounting Assistant Specialist Ümit Alabaş

Economic Business Accounting

Accounting Specialist Olcay Ergün

UNVEST and R&D Center Accounting

Accounting Senior Specialist Gülşah Arkaç Alkan
Accounting Specialist Senem Küçük

Projects Accounting

Projects Accounting Team Leader Nesrin Tümir
Projects Accounting Specialist Dilan Mersin
Projects Accounting Specialist Zeliha Günebakan
Projects Accounting Specialist Mehmet Taşkın

Legal Reports

Legal Reporting Specialist Yakup Tetik