Projects Accounting

  1. All accounting and financial reporting is held by Projects Officer, who reports directly to the Comptroller.
  2. Projects Officer is responsible for the final budget, all  financial reports and the accounting of the projects.
  3. The three types of projects that the Projects Officer is responsible for are:

– Projects sponsored be TÜBİTAK

– European Union 6th and 7th framework programs

– Grants and other commercial projects

  • Main responsibilities about the projects

– Control and approval of the budgets.

– All revenue and expense bookkeeping records of the projects.

– Preparation of the financial reports for all projects.

– Providing Audit certificates from the “Certified Public Accountant” for the project reports

– Data entries to the TÜBİTAK TTS system

– Automatic transfer of the project records to the Koç University systems.

– Application for VAT exemption for the EU projects

– Coordination of the project financial audits